Better Data. Faster.

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Agile is a software development methodology. It allows for incremental change over time where solutions evolve through collaboration.

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Cloud computing ensures your information is seamlessly managed, protected and available anywhere at anytime from almost any device.

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Your own unique information management system using the Agile methodology, with continuous improvement directly in the Cloud.

Agile Cloud is an outrageously simple database for people who understand their business needs. It’s a seriously powerful information management tool for IT that provides Control with Agility.

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Agile is a development methodology. The idea behind Agile is that you interactively prototype your ideas until you and your users are happy.When you are ready, it goes into production. Over time, you continue to make small changes to your information system. Agile is well suited to information systems controlled by domain experts.

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The idea behind Cloud computing is that your information is just there and you don't know or care where it is being looked after. Cloud computing allows for experts in security, backups and infrastructure to take care of the complexity so you can focus on you business..

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Agile + Cloud

Agile Cloud is an information platform for designing complex information system requirements very quickly while maintaining a high quality information model. It is industry agnostic and can be used in any known industry or business application.

The better the information design, the less work is required to implement the application. Agile Cloud takes this idea to it's ultimate logical conclusion. The Agile Cloud information design is as near to perfect as can be. This results in a dramatic reduction in the amount of code required to design an information application, almost down to the point of zero coding. Many Agile Cloud implementation are complete code free meaning no human code was written.

Agile Cloud is two things. First, it is a design tool for creating high quality information systems, very fast. Our primary reason for being is to ensure that your information system has data integrity, is accurate and reliable.

Secondly, it is an information system for data entry and reporting. For the large Enterprise, it is designed to compliment your ERP systems. ERP systems are great, they are generally well controlled and have excellent structure, but they are not flexible. Agile Cloud provides the control of an ERP system with flexibility, the ability to change.