The Risk Management Group provide a unique mix of services around risk mitigation, from drug dog inspections to investigations to training.

Their staff and contractors are spread throughout the country and spend most days on the road.

With government resources scarce, a reliable and accurate information system was core to the on-going funding of the Youth Development project.


Agile Cloud have been through an iterative process of development with the RMG administration, developing an information system matching their unique requirements

RMG had a very good grasp of their business processes and we were able to implement their requirement with a minimum of documentation or RMG involvement

After user feedback, functionality was quickly adapted to meet the skillset of the users.


The RMG business processes focus around a centralised calendar, showing the movements of the staff around the country

Training is integrated with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority for automated uploading ad invoicing.

Only features specifically relevant to RMG have been included in RMG's implementation of Agile Cloud, leading to less training, less errors and less cost.

“The Risk Group provides a mix of risk management inspections, training and private investigation. This unique range of services demands a unique tool. The Agile Cloud implementation has been completed for around 40% of the quote for a customised Microsoft CRM product.This includes additionally scoped requirements. But what I like most about Agile Cloud is the amount of work we didn’t have to do. There was no need for us to write demanding documentation or explain our business processes in infinite detail. The Agile Cloud development life cycle really suited our business.”

Tony Brownett
Risk Management Group