ManAlive is a charitable trust, who specialises in counselling and therapy groups for men. A main part of the operational business is referrals from the Ministry Of Corrections and Ministry of Justice, for clients to attend stopping violence programmes. Content and structure for these programmes reflect the laws pertaining to domestic violence, therefore providers need approval through M.O.J. for their programmes. Other community organisations, schools and businesses also refer clients to ManAlive to attend programmes.

The market that Man Alive acts in is as purely buyer driven as one will ever encounter. The two major customers have different funding structures and different modalities of what they pay for the different services, depending on place and time of delivery, attendance status of the client and the outcomes of the programme.


Man Alive choose Agile Cloud as the central information system as they needed a flexible tool to allow them to change their business in order to grow. Several problems were solved.

  1. All information is centrally managed
  2. The business rules were all held in one person head. During the complex invoicing period, she would translate user errors manually. With Agile Cloud, non compliant data is reported on and fixed daily.
  3. This speeds up the invoicing cycle from 10 days down to 3 days. Data Quality and the business rules are now stored in Agile Cloud. The organisation now has a cul- ture of owning data quality and is no longer reliant on one person.
  4. Having Agile Cloud has enabled Man Alive to establish some remote offices.
  5. Man Alive has grown 50% since Agile Cloud was implemented. With this growth, the invoicing cycle would never be finished on time to meet the contractual deadlines demanded by the funders. The invoicing cycle has gone from 10 days to 4 days despite the 50% increase in business.
"Man Alive have been using Agile Cloud for more than 5 years. It manages our core contracts and complex invoicing cycles and has fulfilled our multiple reporting requirements over this time. Agile Cloud have provided outstanding support and service over this period and has always been responsive to changes and developments as and when they have been needed."

Howard Dawson
CEO, Man Alive