Opus were charged with the task of prioritising which water infrastructure assets needed investigation for leaking unwanted chemicals and foreign matter into the Auckland drinking water. The answer was stored in the 28 source data files supplied by the water company. The Auckland region has more than 500,000 properties with water connections and finding which properties were the highest priority was complicated by the fact that the main asset management system is revenue centric and does not record unmetered water supplies such as fire supply.


Agile Cloud worked with the Opus engineers who played the role of business domain experts in order to establish the rules for data consolidation and risk assessment.

The 28 data files were consolidated into one unified information system providing a single view of a property and their corresponding assets.

A risk factor was calculated against each property in order to prioritise the workflow for ground truthing the known information.


Properties were priortised into 4 risk groups, Very high, high, medium and low risk.

The target group of properties was reduced from 500,000 to 1,500, making for a doable subset of work.

“What really stands out is the Agile Cloud whitebox approach to their work. The way they expose all the business rules back to our business domain experts for analysis and do not hide behind code and ideas that are foreign to engineers.
"And they extend the whitebox idea to their work ethic with honesty and integrity. I have decided in my work life that I am going to find more people like Agile Cloud to collaborate with.”

Martyn Cole
Principal Engineer
Water Asset Management
Opus International Consultants Ltd