Before Agile Cloud, each programme used its own Access database or an adapted case management tool. This proved to be quite problematic. With the incumbent systems lacking any data integrity rules, the low quality information could not be used as a decision support tool.

Management of the programme required a centralised view for supervisors, district commanders and the senior management team to understand workloads, review outcomes and report back to the Minister of Police.

With government resources scarce, a reliable and accurate information system was core to the on-going funding of the Youth Development project.


The Police had developed a clear specification based on the objectives of the Youth Development Programme that have been developed over the past 5 years.

Agile Cloud implemented the requirement as close as possible to the original requirement while adding the data integrity component.

After user feedback, significant changes have been made while maintaining the original concept. The application continues to evolve as the youth development culture changes.

  1. All information is centrally managed.
  2. Private data securely stored and managed off-site.
  3. Case workers are free to work for better outcomes within a clearly defined framework based on sound psychology principles.
  4. Management have the information they need to provide them with informed decision making.
“Agile Cloud is used by more than 30 Police partner organisations and is the blueprint for inter-agency information sharing, combining shared and private data. It is the key to ensuring the ongoing effectiveness of Youth Development activities”

Melanie Atkinson
Youth Development National Co-ordinator,
New Zealand Police


About the Youth Programme

Police Youth Development is a specialist group within the New Zealand Police comprising of Police Officers, Social Workers and Youth Workers.

Police Youth Development provide intensive interventions to children and young people who are offending.

Early intervention is critical to ensure potential recidivist and serious offenders are identified early and appropriate support is put in place to reduce the likelihood of further offending and assist children to make positive decisions about their future.