Councils play a very wide range of roles in their community. From housing, land information, dangerous good, food to parks and rates. A city council has more 200 specific business processes that they engage in. There are very few organisations in the world that have a such a wide range of business processes to record. At Manukau City Council, they 180 siloed disparate databases from their core rating and finance systems to smaller Access databases running specific processes such as dangerous goods and swimming pool fencing.


In order to rationalize their databases, MCC embarked on a project to migrate all their data- bases into a Peoplesoft/Hansen information system with Peoplesoft handing CRM and finance while Hansen delivered the Asset Management and Rating. Agile Cloud took control of the data migration using their proprietary data migration and data cleansing tools to combined the source databases into one clean single source dataset which was then used as the initial load into Peoplesoft and Hansen.

Manukau City Council is New Zealand’s third largest council with approxiamately 375,000 inhabitants.
MCC was created in 1989 merging several smaller borough councils which lead to a very large number of desparate databases running isolated business processes.
MCC replaced their isolated databases with a Peoplesoft/Hansen hybrid.