How Agile Cloud Works

What is important is the language the business uses and the relationships between the language. So in Agile Cloud, we apply the language of the business directly to the application and then use the language to build the user interface and the reporting database. It can also be used to automatically document the business process. Agile Cloud automatically writes the code based on the business language.

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Consolidate Your Databases

Typically, business domain experts create information flexiblity using tools such as Excel files and Access databases. They are usually small single task silo applications which often expand into multi task applications, sometimes into mission critical systems. They exist because the business users need the flexibility to change business processes at a speed which traditional database applications cannot manage.

Enter Agile Cloud. Agile Cloud consolidates the flexible databases that prolierate throughout an organisation into one high quality controlled application that provides accurate data with integrity. Agile Cloud consolidates the databases while retaining the benefits of flexibility demanded by the business users. It enables the IT department to retain control within a strategic information management framework.

Finally, Agile Cloud provides quality information that allows decision makers to make informed decisions.

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