During very heavy rain events, the storm water infrastructure would overflow and combine with waste-water leading to raw sewerage entering the waterways and harbour.

Project Max were engaged to manage several waste water investigation and reconstruction projects.

The projects generated a large amount of detailed data for every waste water asset in the project. Every asset inspection generated a workflow that required managing. The core information system held asset information which could not handle the workflow of inspection, design and reconstruction. Additionally 3rd party contractors were engaged to fulfill the reconstruction work, so access to the asset management system was not an option.

Data needed to be provided to the GIS system for a visual representation of the work required.


Using the Agile Cloud information designer, we enabled a cost effective workflow management process. Asset data was exported from the Asset management system and imported into Agile Cloud. The investigation process was undertaken with the appropriate remedial work following.


On completion of the project, the updated and completed dataset was re-imported back into the Asset Management database.

The North Shore
The North Shore of Auckland City is New Zealand’s fourth most populous community.
Its unique features include 141 kilometres of coastline which need to remain pristine and unpolluted.
The council have an ongoing process to investigate, maintain and if needed repair or replace their waste water and sewerage infrastructure to ensure that the coastline and the harbour ecosystems remain unpolluted.