There is only one reason we designed Agile Cloud: Data Integrity. We researched more than a thousand databases and learned that implementing the rules of data integrity is the biggest issue facing people making an information system. In our experience, the data engine is the reason for failure in more than half the information projects we see. If your information design is wrong, then all your effort is wasted.

Agile Cloud will ensure your data conforms to all the rules and protocols of data integrity. That way, when you go to the effort of implementing an information system, you can be sure the data will be accurate and reliable enough to assist you with future decision making.

Data corruption will be the biggest danger to the success of your project, and now you can relax in the knowledge that this is fully taken care of. Agile Cloud's Faultless Data Engine ensures that all the work you put into your project will be based on the natural laws of data integrity no matter what your business requirement is.

Agile Cloud uses a Business Agnostic design principle, meaning it will run any business process. And you can also change your business requirements wiithout affecting your data. You are the business domain expert, with unique design requirements. Agile Cloud is your information design expert, giving you a reliable, flexible, best-practice design on which to build your system.



Agile Cloud automatically writes around 99% of its own code. Along with the Faultless Data Engine, this hugely de-risks your project. Automated code means less human error and less testing. It also means less learning and experimentation. Automated code generation also means that when there's a change to your business requirement, the code is completely and automatically rewritten.

The Agile Cloud code generator automatically writes around a day's worth of human code in around one minute.

This leaves you with time to focus on the things that really matter. Getting user feedback, making iterative changes, testing scenarios and experimenting with ideas.



Why is it that when we work with business data tools like CRMs, we're always trying to fit with someone else's idea of how our business should work? We always have to rename things or re-jig processes from our world just to get the software to work with them. This long-standing problem with other business data tools exists deep in their architecture, so it's just too hard to fix and persists no matter how frequently you upgrade.

Agile Cloud isn't like this. It works in your world. This happens primarily because we built the data engine from scratch to maintain integrity regardless of business requirements. And it's also because we created a user interface which is easily designed to include only your requirements. Agile Cloud uses your language to design your system. Because Agile Cloud is so good at taking care of the data in the background, when your business requirement changes you can just re-describe it using your everyday language.

At Agile Cloud we are continually testing users on our system to ensure the user interface remains intuitive, to allow for designs even users with low computer literacy can quickly grasp. We designed an inteface where each and every item exists only because it's part of your business requirement, part of your world. No more need for a system where only 10% of the functionality relates to your business and the other 90% just gets in your way.

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You know how hard it is getting code perfect. You understand how much time we can spend debugging and checking syntax. Let's face it: code was never designed for humans. So leave it to the machine - we've got better things to do.